graphi Changelog

prerelease 201?-??-??


Added operator interface and implementations

Added graph input/output

Added Cython graph implementation

Major Changes

Added graph[item] = True, which is equal to graph.add(item). Deprecates both graph[node] = node and graph[node] = None.

The class graphi.graph always uses the best implementation available

New Features

Operator interface allowing graphs types to use optimized implementations

Added operators:

  • neighbours(graph, node, ..)
  • density(graph)

Added input formats:

  • csv
  • GraphML

Minor Changes

Graphs explicitly define bool(graph). This was previously implicitly available as bool falls back to __len__.

0.2.0 2018-07-31

Definition of primary interface, algorithms (Graph.neighbours) will be revised
New Features
Added AdjacencyGraph
Major Changes
Defined graph container interface
Minor Changes
Added documentation